By Richard "Dick" W. Kraemer

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  Dyslexic Dick

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Kathleen De Clerck, Goshen, NY 

I laughed out loud!
I enjoyed Richard's stories. I laughed out loud so many times! I was so impressed given this was his first book. My 16 year old read it and is doing a book report on this for her English class. I recommended it to my mother and she enjoyed it. Its a rare book that speaks to 3 generations. Its a human story and it is great to see someone use humor to get through lifes challenges. Cant wait for the next book!

Fran Lewis: Reviewer – Just Reviews

 “this is quite a powerful story”____” A true story told from the heart.”

J. Wood, New York, NY

Couldn't put the book down
I'm not normally a fast reader but I read through this book so fast to find out what Dick was up to next. He had quite a few "incidents" growing up that will make you laugh or shake your head in disbelief that this is happening. Yes, Dick had challenges but he gets through them and tells his story with a nonending sense of humor. You will find yourself pulling for Dick throughout his struggles and cheering for his accomplishments along the way. I can't wait for his next book!

Sharon Martin - Beck Valley Books

“Dyslexic Dick 2 is a very hard hitting and truly honest account of the author's life from the time he joins the marines, it is an emotional roller coaster full of love, humor and tragedy.”

“I have read a lot of people's life stories but not one which is so totally honest and relieving. The escapades that the author gets himself into without him thinking about the consequences add a lot of humor and you find yourself thinking of the writer as a lovable rogue. If you like an autobiography with no hold bars and written with total honesty you will love this book.”

Sean Gannon, New York

A Must Read!
Rich's book was a great read. I read it in one day. I could not put it down because ...what was going to happen next. It was laugh out loud funny. My wife wants to read it next. Brought back many memories of growing up and growing up dyslexic. His sense of humor about how he grew up with his challenge is great. A great read. Can't wait for his next book!


Leslie Ann – Tic Toc

“__a good book for a discussion group, I am sure it would create a great deal of controversy and conversation.”


Robert Martin New York 

I loved the fact that he tells the truth about himself and how he starts out his adolescent life getting himself into trouble and joining the Marines to help solve the problem . Only finding out life is about to become much much tougher. On top of it all between bad decisions on his part and being dyslexic to top off everything. Great read , never wanted to put it down.


Cindy - New York 

Loved this book. I could not put it down. I found myself looking for any excuse to read! I was rooting for Rich every step of the way! What a wild ride his time with the Marine Corps was. I was often shaking my head at the situations that he found himself in. A great read!

Laugh out loud funny! I couldn't put this book down. I loved reading about Rich's adventures. I never knew what was coming next . This book also clearly depicted the differences of life back then from family interactions, discipline, work, and childhood play. A great read that I highly recommend.


Lisa D.

"a unique story that is at times humorous and always interesting. I enjoyed reading it."

Facebook Reviews

Kathy Kane Martin, Greenwood Lake, NY

OMG love the Book!!! Almost pissed my pants laughing so hard over the wedding chapter.

Pamela Dombrowski  Ehlers, Haverstraw, NY 

"We finished the book... bittersweet.... we laughed, we cried, we pondered... awaiting volume II. Sure would be a great mini series. "

Editorial Reviews

The Midwest Book Review - "Dyslexic Dick" is a fine look into the impact of Dyslexia, and how its problems are more pronounced than many believe"

Ye Old Warwick Book Shoppe  

Book 1 - Dyslexic Dick is the story of one man's wild childhood full of humorous and heart-rending adventures. Dick Kraemer walks the reader through his world with honesty and sensitivity in this wonderful and uplifting book.

Book 2- This is Richard "Dick" Kraemer's second autobiography - a follow up to Dyslexic Dick - in which he recounts his experiences in the Marine Corps. Dyslexic Dick II continues Kraemer's humourous and harrowing adventures, as he takes the reader into a rarely-seen side of the Corps, and its many unsavory characters.





"Funny, touching, interesting stories that I truly enjoyed."


James Andersen

"Very funny book, and one worth the read for anyone with a heart for dyslexia". 



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